Drone / Aerial

Drone Cinematography

We’ve filmed a vast variety of subjects with our drones from moving cars, building and storefronts to people using telescopes and action sports - including sprinters and ATV drivers and more. We use the latest drone technology from DJI including the Phanton 4, Phantom 4 Pro and the Inspire 2 X5. Let us help you create compelling aerial footage with your next drone project.
Film production

Film production / Creative agency

We are a full-service creative network specialized in film production. Short ways, highest efficiency and a well-rehearsed team offer the basis for a high-quality result. Our claim is to always support our customers personally and with our interdisciplinary know-how.
We started out as a group of young people who jumped over fences, skated and watched films. Today we let people fly in CGI and film for big clients. Our approach enables us to respond quickly, innovatively and most importantly, efficiently to projects and ideas and to create the best professional and creative solutions.