German Drones was born out of a simple thought: We wanted to create a place on the web where high-quality drone photography could be discovered as quickly and comprehensively as possible.

We are Julius Krebs (20) and Sebastian Sperner (30) from Augsburg. When we entered the drone world in autumn 2016 with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro and wanted to present our work, we quickly realized that there are already many talented photographers, who increasingly often add drone images to their portfolio and show them publicly.
However, we found no possibility to get a concentrated overview of photos from a bird's eyeview and started to summarize this under the name "germandrones".

Once stepped into the circus, we will never going back! But we felt lost on instagram so we decided to establish a community to collect beautiful pictures and share it with the world.
We would love to see you as a part of us! Join us on instagram using #germandrones

Behind German Drones

thats us - freelancer & dronelover & creative heads

Sebastian Sperner
Sebastian Sperner
Julius Krebs
Julius Krebs
Art Director


Every day we publish an image on instagram (@germandrones) and Facebook and introduce the motif and the photographer in the corresponding post. It is particularly important to us to show high quality shots which either have particularly fascinating motifs, show inaccessible places without a drone and show perspectives which stand out from the flood of images in the digital stream.



In the future, we hope that even more talented photographers and filmmakers will seize the opportunity of drone photography and inspire viewers with their pictures. We are always looking for high quality photographs to show to the germandrones community on our Instagram and Facebook page. If you know someone, or even take photos with drones, we look forward to every message and the use of our hashtag #germandrones.